Surbiton Associates increases the skills base of companies operating in, or dealing with, the Australian resources sector. We provide broadly based, practical corporate advice, adding a wider perspective, extending the range of skills available and supplementing in-house expertise.

In providing such independent and confidential services, Surbiton Associates draws on an extensive knowledge of the resources industry, backed by strong technical, financial and managerial experience and qualifications.

Assistance is available particularly in the following areas:

-> Corporate overviews.

-> Strategic analysis.

-> Strategic planning.

-> Corporate finance.

-> Business environment.

-> Management of change.

-> Corporate & Media Relations.


For organisations that require a specific knowledge of the Australian resources scene from time to time Surbiton Associates offers a cost effective means of accessing broadly based resources industry knowledge and experience.



In an increasingly competitive environment, resources companies must maintain a focus on day to day operations. At the same time it is vital they plan strategies for future survival and development, evaluate opportunities and examine opportunities as they arise.

Time and personnel constraints often result in the day to day requirements being met but insufficient time being available to give proper attention to specific issues or broader considerations. This is most challenging for small and medium sized companies.

In addition, senior management and directors are required to possess an ever-increasing range of skills to deal with the complex environment.

There is a variety of specialist experts available to cater for specific needs in technical areas. There are also experienced brokers, financiers and lawyers who offer their particular services, as well as large advisory groups.

However, Surbiton Associates offers something different. We can assist decision-makers by providing an integrated, external assessment based on our broad, independent and informed perspective in a number of fields.


A consulting assignment may vary from brief opinion or advice, to a detailed systematic analysis. It may be relevant to a whole company, may focus on a specific issue or may be project based. It does not commit the client to any further obligation or course of action. The service is strictly confidential and totally independent.

Enquiries are welcome and specific assignments are structured to accommodate the client's requirements.

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