The Great Gold Renaissance

The Untold Story of the Modern Australian Gold Boom 1982-2002

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A book for anyone with an interest in why Australia is one of the world's largest gold producers and a must for all those who work in or are associated with the industry in any way.

The Great Gold Renaissance Cover

Over twenty five years ago the Australian gold industry was on its last legs. Today it is a $10 billion a year business. Australia is now one of the world's leading gold producers and gold is one of its largest single export earners.

The Great Gold Renaissance looks at this remarkable transformation and how it was achieved. How higher prices, new technology and Australian ingenuity led to a twenty-fold increase in gold production and how Australia led the world in innovative financing and marketing methods.

Written by someone with hands-on experience a recognised gold industry expert and former geologist, banker and corporate manager the book is packed with facts. It is the definitive record of Australia's greatest gold boom and also tells many stories of the people and companies that made it all happen.

The wide range of topics covered includes the earlier Australian gold booms; fixed and floating gold prices; the gold price from both a US and Australian dollar perspective; the modern carbon-in-pulp process; the build up in Australian gold production; early CIP plants in Australia; investment climate; developments in exploration, mining, and plant design and construction; developments in gold sales, financing and taxation; industrial impacts; safety and environment; gold producing companies from the large multi national corporations to the little Aussie battlers.

Hardback cover, 245 mm x 160 mm, 320 pages including graphs, tables and photographs.




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